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EXP 2021/04/09


Sap, cold and clear spirit from mulberry tree meets Minerals ingredients from natural ingredients, helps the dry skin soften and moisturize and balances skin to make tight skin


How to Use

After washing, put 2-3 drops on the palm and place along the skin texture in the morning and in the evening.


VIDANJASOO: Picking Sangyeop, Sangji, Sangbaekpi, Sangsimja, Sangmoki of five mulberry elements in honey delivers moisturizing benefits and helps the anti-aging, it makes the skin tighter and filled skin texture and skin-lined

Sangsaenggibodan [ Pine sprout, Scouring rush, Gim leaf, Motherwort, Bamboo shoot, Milk vetch root, Ginseng, Bing blue lilyturf, Balloon-flower, Licorice, Ginger] : Protection of membrance effects, cramp the activities of Elastin breakdown enzyme, cramp the activities of Hyaluronic acid breakdown enzyme, Fibroblast increase, Collagen 33% increase, Elasticity of skin 45% increase, Brightness of skin 20% increase, Moisturizing effect 23% increase

Betaine: Natural moisturizer extracted from Sugar cane

Disodium Adenosine Triphosphate: Skin conditioning

Algin : Natural ingredients extracted from Seaweed, contains minerals so it helps Blood improvement, Complexion improvement, Anti-aging.

Papaya extract: helps to supply moisture and to remove dead skin cell by making skin softer

Beta-Glucan : Helps Anti-inflammatory, reinforcement of immunization, extracted from yeast and medicinal mushroom


Size:   120ml / 4.05 FL OZ.